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Tuition Assistance Estimator

The Tuition Assistance Estimator provides an estimated award for returning and prospective students. All values provided are estimates only and are subject to income verification through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, our third-party application provider. Assistance may consist of funds from the Indiana Choice Scholarship program, qualified scholarship-granting organizations (SGO), or other privately funded gifts, subject to student eligibility. To begin the tuition assistance application click here.

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI): $ * (explain this)

* The online FACTS application will require your completed 2016 Federal Tax Return Form 1040 and Schedules. If you already know your 2016 AGI, enter it here. If you do not know your 2016 AGI, then enter your 2015 AGI or your best estimate for 2016.

Additional Household Income: $ ** (explain this)

** Additional household income includes but may not be limited to public assistance payments, alimony, child support, retirement benefits, veteran's benefits, Social Security benefits, disability insurance benefits, non-combat deployment military pay, and minister's housing allowance.

Household Size: *** (explain this)

*** As defined by the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, "the term household means a group of related or non-related individuals who are living as one economic unit and who share housing and or significant income and expenses." The following should be considered when determining household size: (1) children in these categories should be considered household members—foster, adopted, foreign exchange students, and living away at school (college or boarding); (2) children of divorce or separation are considered members of the custodial parent's household. In cases of joint custody, it is the household in which the child resides most of the year; and (3) a family member temporary living apart or an active or deployed member of the armed services is considered part of the household.

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