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Required Calculator for Math
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Required Calculator for Math

From the Math Department Head:

Covenant Christian High School has always required graphing calculators to be purchased by the student for upper level math and science courses. To better serve our students and to reduce costs for students who have had to purchase multiple calculators in the past, we are now using one graphing calculator for all of our upper level math and math related science courses--the TI-Nspire CAS CX. (This includes AP courses.)

Students can purchase the calculator through the school.  By ordering in bulk, we can get a price break for students and earn points toward free technology for teachers.  (This calculator is not sold in retail stores.)  The cost is $135-$140, which will be billed to your school account.  

The following classes will require a TI-Nspire CAS CX in the 2017-18  school year:

  • AP Calculus

  • AP Physics

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Statistics

  • Precalculus
Algebra 2

  • Chemistry 

Students who are in other math or science classes may need to purchase an inexpensive scientific calculator, but wait to hear from your teacher about what is needed.

FYI: The TI-Nspire CAS CX  is allowed on AP exams and the SAT, but not on the ACT.  Students will need to use a different calculator on the ACT. We have a limited number of non-CAS graphing calculators that can be signed out for the ACT.

To order this calculator, complete the  Calculator Order Form  online.   No payment is due at this time. The cost of the calculator will be billed to student accounts when the calculator arrives and may be paid off gradually along with tuition payments. Please use the student's first and last name when completing the order form.

To ensure that you receive your calculator before school starts, you will need to order by July 10. Depending on responses, additional orders will be placed mid-July and then shortly after school starts.

For more information about this calculator, visit its page on the Texas Instruments website

If you have questions, email Mrs. Taylor at