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Last Word Speeches 2017

    Senior English students had one final project. Write a 3-5 minute speech that serves as your last words to Covenant. The English classroom was a safe place where you could say anything you wanted.  Here is a powerful speech by Ethan Goins, in spoken word format.

    I have the problem of having a lot of ideas, but not being able to articulate them or create something from them. However, I will never stop trying. This January I wrote a poem and it goes like this:


    You set up your dominos

    Neatly in a row

    Watching the lines of others

    And trying to do the same

    You lay them down

    Carefully as can be

    Some are set up quicker than others

    But you just keep adding more

    Look and see someone ahead of you

    And wishing to be like them

    Then you look and see someone far behind

    And you laugh at their stupidity

    Your arm gets tired, but you push on

    Some stop and complain about the hard work

    But you keep going

    You could go on forever

    Look again at others

    Someone has their dominos facing the wrong way

    Another’s dominos have all fallen down

    Still someone else is laying domino's while asleep

    You keep going

    Boat against the current, running, sprinting as hard as you can

    But you’re drawn ceaselessly into the past

    Destined to run forever and ever

    Eventually you come to a place 

    and you have to stop

    You look back at what you’ve done

    And ask what it’s all for

    The dominos are just atoms

    Just like the table and the lamp

    It has no significance

    Yet it is all you are

    You want more than the dominos

    If you are not more, than you are nothing

    You must knock them down

    No more lying, no more work

    You reach out your hand to knock one down

    But it does not move

    You hit it, but it doesn't budge

    Shoving does nothing. It does not move

    You cry out

    You cry out for someone to knock them down

    You’re hopeless

    Void of ability to do anything

    You think about putting more up

    But don’t because you have no energy left

    You wonder what will happen next

    As you watch others continue to work

    You cry out one last time and wait

    From far off, farther than anyone has ever been

    There is a faint whisper

    In a beautiful language

    That cannot be understood

    It sings out without having to take a breath

    There is no pain, no sorrow, no struggle in the voice

    Yet it is strong, constant, and clear

    It penetrates all things

    As the song progresses, the last domino tilts

    It slowly creeps, falling toward the next

    Then the next one falls and then the next

    Until they are falling in rapid succession

    Their falling resonates out

    A rattling like clashing symbols

    Some turn their heads to watch

    Wondering what is going on

    At last all the dominos are down

    And the rattling stops, the song still going

    The fallen row  appears to look like the others’ fallen rows

    but my dominos have disappeared

    Finally, across the tables, A man in white comes 

    shining like the sun

    And with a strong, gracious hand

    Leads me away toward home

     I want to go home. I don’t know about you but I’m kinda homesick.  I’m not even a quarter of the way through life and I’m already ready to go home. But I cannot imagine a life without all of you in it. I cannot wait until the day when we’re all standing in a line in the clouds. We wouldn’t say a word, just smile and nod at each other. Until it is our turn to go before our Lord and friend and hear him say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”