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  • Peyton, A Profile

    By: Clayton Lewis This past Friday, I had the privilege of interviewing Covenant Senior Peyton Broce. For those of you that don’t know, this is Peyton’s first year here at Covenant, having transferred from a school all the way in Toledo, Ohio. Intrigued by this, I asked Peyton about her school experiences from back in […]

  • Sports
  • Kneeling During Anthem Causes Stir Within NFL

    By: Luke Roberts and Luke Dryer The National Football League has been the centerpiece of sports in America for a long time now, consistently the most popular entertainment among players and fans for over three decades. Although it comes with its fair share of jaw dropping moments and high flying catches, the sport has recently […]

  • Creativity Corner
  • Netflix Hidden Gems

    By: Alexa Hanan Netflix is something that we are all familiar with. It enables us to fill our weekends with joy-filled, mind numbing binge-watching sessions because of its array of TV show and movie selections. Most people are familiar with the blockbuster shows and movies, but it also has things that are less noticed, but […]

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  • Hurricane Coverage

    By: Mitch Renbarger and Clay Lewis Recently there have been a lot of natural disasters occurring towards the western half of the world. Everyone has taken notice of  the hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Jose, but there have still been a lot of other catastrophes taking place like hurricane Katia and the three huge earthquakes […]

  • CCHS
  • Head-to-Head: Powderpuff

    By: Clayton Lewis Over the course of the past two years, this year’s senior class has become infamous for its near inability to win a game of powderpuff. Following the two defeats of their sophomore year, some of the senior class took a certain liking to their losing record. Whether it be as an ironic […]

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  • Project Hallway

    By: Mitch Renbarger With a new year, everyone is excited for the new hallway competition. Themes are Freshmen with St. Patrick’s Day, Sophomores with Birthday, Juniors with 4th of July, and Seniors with Christmas. Each class will be putting their best efforts into their hall designs in order to win the school spirit competition between […]

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  • History of Spirit Week

    By: Alexa Hanan and Luke Roberts Spirit week is something that happens each year at Covenant, allowing for students and teachers alike to come together as a school. It is filled with fun dress up days and (mostly) friendly competition. When students at Covenant think of spirit week we think of school spirit to cheer […]

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  • Powderpuff Power Rankings

    By: Luke Dryer As we approach one of the most exciting (and heated) events of the year, I decided to look at each class’s chances and create my 2017 Powderpuff Predictions! Seniors- This year’s Senior class comes in with a less than stellar 1-5 record, with their first and only win coming against last year’s […]

  • Art
  • Senior Art Show

    By: Alexa Hanan This past Friday, seniors Seth Franks, Annie Shields, Emma Foust, Jurena Howard, Bobbi-Jo Snyder, and I all displayed our works in the art show. The Senior Art Show is an event where the current seniors can display their work and allow their peers to get a deeper insight into who they are […]

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  • Mr. Tripple: Straight Trippin’

    By: Mitch Renbarger I introduce to you the infamous Mr. Tripple. Mr. Tripple has been at Covenant for 3 years now, and he has quickly become one of the favorites among students at Covenant. He teaches Geography, World History, AP World History, Middle Ages, and World Religions. If you’re coming into the school as a […]