Poem: “Vacation”

By: Jon Maple


It’s a beautiful world we live in,
With so many sights to see
From the watery depths of the ocean
To hundred-year old giant trees

But the best thing of all,
And the coolest things to see
Is the smiles of the people around me
Seeing these sights and so many more

Castles from grandfathers’ grandfathers,
And ruins of long, long ago from lore
There’s a Canyon deeper than a skyscraper’s tall
It’s quite Grand, have you heard of it at all?

Some places bring no smiles at all an’
Some places mark where soldiers have fallen
And though these gloomy cites are tearful
You never have to be fearful

Feels like there’s magic in the air,
When you don’t care
About where you’re going
Just goin’ along for the ride
Oh, you’ll have the time of your life
Oh, you’ll have the time of your life

The seemingly endless bus rides
Or waiting for a plane
Just builds anticipation
‘Till you think you’ll go insane

The waiting’s part of the fun
From then vacation’s on the run
You may cruise ‘round the country on route 1
You may sit and splash and play under the sun

And then you come home, oh sweet simple home
where you didn’t know just how
much you missed it, but now
you’ve got photos to show to anyone who wants to see
All in all, with the trip you’re well pleased.