A Behind the Scenes Look at Prom 2k17

Nathan Hood- 9 December 2016

Prom is a significant season in any high schooler’s career. The fellas have to choose a girl to ask, plan a cute promposal (which is not a strength for most teenage boys), and face the ever present reality that they may have his heart ripped out by rejection. Then that work will be all for naught. The gals have to worry about being asked by someone they don’t want to go with and pondering whether or not they should go with this person because they don’t want to say no. It is a time of choice and anticipation, drama and gossip, planning and stress. It is a full season of awkward interactions and drama. But when the dust settles and the couples and groups have been established, it’s party time. And who do we have to thank for this formal shindig? The Prom Committee! That’s who! This a group of six hardworking seniors and one junior. The committee consists of Allie Highsmith, Erin Stanley, Morgan Pierce, Jaylah Patterson, Izzi Shuman, Abby Hendon, Caroline Croner, and Lydia Wright serving as the President. An interview with Ms. Wright was conducted in order to bring you an inside look at what this committee is about.

Wright seems to be well suited for this job. “It’s super fun,” says Wright. “I just love planning things in general and planning events.” Wright seems to be living the teenage artsy girl’s dream. “You get to spend hours on Pinterest and then it’s ok, because you are actually doing work by being on Pinterest.”

She states that she enjoys being in charge of this committee. “It is fun to be in charge, because you can go ahead and start planning things ahead of time and you don’t have to wait on other people and you can kinda do what you want and then consult everybody else.” However fun it may be, Wright explains it can also be stressful. “The other issue is you are the leader, and when everyone disagrees you sometimes just have to make a decision and you can’t make everyone happy.” Not only can it be stressful in coming to a group consensus, but can be in other ways as well. Finances is typically one of these stressors. “We don’t get any budget from the school at all, so we have to raise money.” Logistics can also be troublesome. “We have to find a venue and pay for that venue. We have to do food and buy and make decorations and we have to get chaperones and we have to get a clean up and set up team and pick the date of prom and the time of prom and rules regarding prom and figure out ticket sales and all of those things.” The responsibilities of Prom Committee even include choosing the perfect playlist for the evening and making sure the goings-on run smoothly. “You have to choose whether you want a D.J. or not. You have to pick people to run that,” Wright says. She continues, “You have to do the whole voting thing and ballots and it’s confusing.”

People may not realize how much work truly goes into this. “I started planning Prom in March, before the last Prom,” says Wright. “I booked the venue in March, because it is a really popular venue and it was the last Saturday available and I had to book it a year in advance.” Procrastination was not an option if this year’s promenade was going to take place. “I’ve been planning all summer.” It is a very time-consuming process that is generally underappreciated. “And then, like, you spend hours planning and then someone doesn’t like it and everything changes and you have to start all over again. Sometimes that happens too. But it takes forever, because you have to do everything the cheapest as possible because you have no money.”

“I just want everyone to have a good time and like it and not be upset with me and how I do it,” she says in summary. “I would say it’s worth it. I love it,” concludes Wright.

So, be sure to thank your thank your Prom Committee members for putting in the time and effort to better your experience.