A Second Ode to the Black Binder

By: Morgan Murphy

Well folks, today we mourn what we’ve lost. Today is a day to wear black, and remember the good times. For those who don’t remember the monumental time of December second and  third, twenty thousand and fourteen or those who did not attend the esteemed Covenant Christian High School at the time, here you will experience our sorrow. On December the second, two years ago, a black binder went missing. No one knew the black binder would alter the state of Covenant Christian High School.

First, we have to go back in time. Back to a time where a student was equal to administration in terms of email usage. Students had the ability to send an email to the entire student body by simply typing the graduating year of each class. Life was simple; no substantial boundaries had been set.

Deamonta McIntyre, a freshman at the time, artfully crafted an email to the entire student body. It included a classical Comic Sans font and a blue color to add vibrancy and urgency. The email had no subject line, but contained the life-altering message:lost 1

Students sympathized with the message of the freshman, and came forward with their own things that have been misplaced through the years.

lost 2

Others came forward,

lost 3

The recent loss in sectionals instilled some bitterness in some…

lost 6

Many gave needed encouragement to each other while still searching for their losses.

lost 7Some losses were more significant than others…

lost 8

Despite any reward offered, the losses kept stacking up.

lost 4

Regardless, students bonded together and assisted each other in their time of need.

lost 9

Many looked to scripture to get through this rough time.

lost 10

And once-solid relationships took a turn for the worse.

lost 5

But not everything was lost forever, some positivity shone through.

lost 12

Losses were increasing, and caution was taken at every turn.lost 13

While students found a way to make the best out of  the situation.

lost 11

While there was hope for a found binder, there was confusion, and the binder was not the coveted Five Star beauty. Others looked to provide support and biblical encouragement to get through this difficult time.

lost 14

The final message ended with a promise of a better school and world.

lost 15

However, that was not so. In return for the confession and openness of the student body, the faculty promptly retracted email privileges to classes as a whole. Today, we celebrate the life of the sacred black binder and the unrestricted access of email. They are gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Let’s attempt to get through another year of mourning.