Are Clowns Really That Scary?

By Erin Stanley

Nowadays, costumes are not just meant for Halloween. In August, children from South Carolina reported that men dressed as terrifying clowns were attempting to lure them into woods. After this story was featured in credible news sources, such as the New York Times, social media has been taken over by many sightings of people dressed up in clown costumes with the potential to terrorize innocent passers-by. Covenant students have begun to fear that the clowns seen all over Twitter could terrorize them as well. Sophomore Carly Renbarger quickly responded with a “yes” when asked if she felt threatened by the clowns. This response was echoed by many other Covenant students, including junior Austin Wagner and sophomore Nic Hood. When asked if his fears were instigated by social media, Senior David Miller replied that he had “always been afraid of clowns, but now it is a lot worse, because of Twitter.” Miller states that his fear of clowns will never end after this recent outbreak.

Although they seem to fear these clowns, the students have never encountered a clown. If they have never come across a terrorizing clown, is this fear illegitimate? The police seem to think so. RTV6 reported that there have been only 4 reports of clowns terrorizing residents of Indiana, and all of the reports have proven to be false. As reported by WISHTV, the Brazil Indiana Police Department tweeted that residents have no need to worry about the clown scare. They believe that it is a social media scare that has “blown itself out of control and continues to grow with each post and has the city in a panic for no reason.” It seems that Covenant staff and students should take the advice of law enforcement and no longer feel paranoid that a clown will harm them. No worries, Covenant! The clowns seem to have moved on from sinister to their original routine and providing lighthearted entertainment for the public.