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  • The Emoji Movie: Review

    By: Clayton Lewis We live in a world in which movie franchise sequels, reboots, and spin-offs have become commonplace. No longer do Hollywood executives enjoy taking risks on screenplays that demonstrate original stories and ideas, as these films hold no guarantee to success; rather, these producers fund films with source material that they already know […]

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  • Election Night Recap

    By: Morgan Murphy Well, it’s been over two weeks since the election and nothing has seemed to improve the tensions between both parties. On election night, I live tweeted the entire ordeal to be as involved as I could with this election, because there’s nothing like an old-fashioned live tweet session about an election. The […]

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  • Healthy Vending Machines: A Review

    By: Morgan Murphy Our old vending machines were ripped away from us, and replaced with food that is apparently “good for our bodies.” Outrage ensued. Gone are the days of Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. Last year’s unhealthy habits would not stand this year, which is some depressing news for the student body. However, after our […]

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  • Spirit Week 2016 – Review

    Nathan Hood- 26 Sept 2016 Fall Spirit Week 2016 was unlike any other Spirit Week Covenant has ever seen. The themes themselves were pretty basic when it comes to a homecoming week, but the hype was palpable regardless. Let’s break it down from a fundamental standpoint: Monday was ‘Murica Day. Hard to go wrong dressing […]

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  • Edna Collins Bridge

    Trey Stanley— 23 Sept 2016            Everyone loves a good ghost story. Especially when you live where one of these stories occurred. That being said, nobody likes experiencing ghost stories or having unexplained things happen to them. Our story begins at a red covered bridge that is now known as the […]

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  • Why The Sun Also Rises is My Favorite Book

      There are thousands of amazing fiction books on shelves, but no book will compare to The Sun Also Rises by the late Ernest Hemingway. This isn’t just a good book. Almost 100 years later, this book is still being sold in millions of bookstores and still getting new editions made. The Sun Also Rises […]

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  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

    WARNING: SPOILERS In the weeks leading up to Avengers: Age of Ultron, I have to admit that I was really excited for the sequel to the first Avengers movie. I went to see the new movie with a group of friends at the Brownsburg 8 theatre. Throughout the movie, one gets the feeling that the […]