Cell Phone Policy 2.0

By Mitch Renbarger

With the start of a new school year comes new rules and new policies. The new cell phone policy is the school’s most controversial policy, which prohibits students from not being able to have phones out during classes. Every student has their own opinion on the new policy, but it seems to be primarily disliked by the student body. Some students won’t be affected quite as much because they are already used to not having their phones out. It is in effect in order to improve academic performance and also increase the social aspect of Covenant’s community.

Since most of the students at Covenant are now veterans besides the freshman, students have gotten used to having their phones out in class and during a lot of the school day because of leniency of teachers. The student body doesn’t seem to have many members who agree fully with the policy, but some like Junior Ian Zweifel don’t completely agree with the policy saying, “It’s a little extreme. I would allow smartwatches and kids to have them out during study hall.” Many students have their own solutions for the cell phone problem that are similar to the current policy, although allowing phones during study halls and teachers being allowed to let kids have them out at certain points in class.

The new policy is in place according to Mr. Fishburn in order to “grow personal relationships because we (the school) find those relationships more important than phones.” and also the policy is going to have an impact on academic improvement. Some freshman such as Aliah Minaya “don’t mind the policy too much because in my old school we had the same policy, but it is nice to have your phone in case of emergencies.”. Most students that I interviewed were able to find positives and in the policy, although still disagreeing with it as well. The usual disagreement with the policy is that students will find other ways of spacing out or there may be an emergency that they can’t respond to.

Overall the policy is very controversial between students and has been set out with beneficial intentions from the administrators for both the school’s reputation and student atmosphere. The new policy will take some getting used to, but the rule may possibly loosen the restrictions if the student body can manage to come up with a good argument and show that we can have the responsibility of having phones out.