Covenant Freshmen Survival Guide

By: Luke Dryer

Don’t worry, this isn’t the New Student Survival guide summarized or a wrap up of those first few assemblies. This is real advice from real students. As we’ve welcomed in another new year, we’ve also welcomed another Freshman class into our halls. Now, Freshmen usually have a bad stigma, but I think the truth is they are just inexperienced. Luckily for you Freshmen new to high school, specifically Covenant, we have some wonderful Seniors that have graciously decided to share some of their experience with you.

While you likely have come into Covenant with friends from middle school, there are still so many new people to meet! However, talking to new people (especially that cute girl in math class) can be so intimidating. Our Seniors understand this and were asked what advice they would give for making new friends. Christine Martin says “Don’t be shy, the community at covenant is so welcoming and there will be so many friend groups that you can be a part of! …One of the ways I made friends most was just starting a conversation with an unfamiliar face and getting to know them…” Riley Lamb gave some similar advice, “Sometimes you just gotta be confident. People are not going to always come to you, welcome you, or reach out. That is the misfortune of our generation. What you have to know is that other people may be just as uncomfortable or scared to pursue you as a friend. So sometimes, you just have to do it yourself.” Another valuable piece of advice was offered from Jackson Prather, “Friends are important, but irresponsible friends will rub off on you.” We learn from this that while it is great to go out and make friends, we must be wise with who we surround ourselves with, great advice Jackson!  

A similar theme throughout the Seniors answers on this question was to get involved. This brings us to our next question: “How can you get involved at CCHS?” Chrissy put it perfectly “Go to any and every game that you can (but finish homework first). This was something I rarely did as a freshman and I regret it, but they are so much fun even if you don’t like to watch sports. You can always hang out with friends and eat food! Also try to be a part of drama or try out some sports. And if you aren’t into exercising, then you can always be a manager and spend time with the team and do all the team outings!” What we learn here is you need to get involved, and there are all sorts of ways to do so. You just need to do what sounds best for you!

The next topic we covered in our interviews was fashion advice. Now we’re going to get this out of the way right away because I don’t want to talk about it as much as you don’t want to hear about it: dress code. I wanted to avoid this topic, but Riley gave some advice that is excellent. “Just obey the dress code. Teachers hate calling you out just as much as you hate hearing from them about it. So just go ahead and save both of you that conversation.” Now when asked about what to wear, the Seniors gave advice that may be surprising, but is extremely valuable to keep in mind. Jackson said “Well, fashion questions are not really my forte, because I kind of make a joke of what I wear. I would suggest uncomfortable clothes that make you stay awake after all those long hours of homework you’re going to have to do, hence why I wore dress clothes for a whole nine  weeks.” Important advice here is to be comfortable and just be you! Riley also emphasized this in her answer by saying “Don’t wear anything that makes you miserable throughout the day. Comfort trumps beauty and it just isn’t worth it to pretend otherwise.”

My hope is that you Freshmen will learn from your Seniors’ experience and keep it in mind as you navigate through our (two) hallways, and through high school.