Hometown Boy Displays Act of Heroism

By Luke Roberts

Heroes can be found anywhere, whether on a battlefield or just everyday life. They are, by definition, people that are admired for their courage, achievements, or noble qualities. We often hear great acts of heroism that may inspire or influence us, but sometimes we forget that we may be put in a situation that calls for our own skills or quick thinking. One young hero from a small town in New Hampshire recently had to make a decision that ultimately saved the life of his sister.

According to Fox News and CNN sources, Harrison Holt was a normal eight year old boy that had everything that comes with a kid his age: family, a home, and happiness. But on Sunday, July 23 2017, Harrison and his siblings were at home while their dad was outside mowing the lawn. Mr. Holt remembers coming inside and noticing something rather odd. “I came inside, and about 20 minutes later, I was in the living room and smelled smoke”, he responded to a Fox News interview later, which meant that a fire had suddenly spread in the house. Grabbing a fire extinguisher, Mr. Holt quickly put out the nearby flames and told Harrison to take the phone and call 911. Harrison responded with a quick nod and grabbed his baby sister, Marie, with one arm while also dialing the number. He sprinted outside and ran to the oak tree where he would meet his father.

After talking with 911 services, local firefighters rushed over to the home, which was already up in flames. Mr. Holt was safely alongside his children, knowing that they could have been in serious trouble if it wasn’t for the brave thinking of his oldest son. The firefighter chief, Bud Chapman, also congratulated the kid, honoring him with a badge. He gave some great advice for every family: “Exit drills in the home, use smoke detectors, practice it, make sure the children are familiar with it.” Harrison Holt practiced these skills with his family, and became a hero for using them, knowing his sister would have been in danger if he hadn’t acted quick.

Many today, even in our neighborhoods and this school, are looking for opportunities to help others, regardless of whether it is severe or not. In Harrison Holt’s situation, he was able to save a life. But for most of us, we may not experience a choice like he did. Instead, we may do a normal thing that can be invisible to the public eye, such as helping a friend carry their stuff through the hallway. Even lifting someone’s spirit through encouragement is an act of selflessness that can brighten the mood for everybody. Coming into school can frequently become tiresome, but having a spirit that is ready to serve others when needed is a true model of heroism.