Election Night Recap

By: Morgan Murphy

Well, it’s been over two weeks since the election and nothing has seemed to improve the tensions between both parties. On election night, I live tweeted the entire ordeal to be as involved as I could with this election, because there’s nothing like an old-fashioned live tweet session about an election.

The night started out with a tweet about the electoral college. This set the tone for the night and gave background to the election.img_2527

The next tweet gave a little insight into what was happening, which was nothing at all. It also gave a bit of background to our Senate race in Indiana. No results had come in for CNN yet, so it became a bit of a waiting game:

img_2528The first results to come in were from good ol’ Indiana, Kentucky, and Vermont. Indiana and Kentucky went Republican, while Vermont went Democratic. Both were predictable wins with not many electoral votes up for grabs.Version 2

The Senate Race was coming to a close early, but it was tight before Todd Young got the win. In addition, Eric Holcomb won the seat for governor. This would set a bit of a Republican- dominated government for Indiana and America. At the same time, Clinton had the first lead with twenty-two states counted; much to the chagrin of Democrats this lead would quickly go away. This was the calm before the storm that is Donald Trump.


Trump pulled ahead, but votes from the swing states and the majority of the West states had not been counted. Swing states are states that can go either way, Democratic or Republican. The tweet also noted that this election would be iconic and historic no matter what happened. Trump really starts to set a lead from here on out, and Republicans started to get a little more comfortable.Version 2

Trump clinched the swing state of Ohio putting him at a considerable lead. Clinton won New Mexico, but it was not enough to catch up to Trump. Clinton shortens Trump’s lead once again taking the swing states of Virginia, but it would not hold.img_2530

The race was incredibly close, only 4 electoral votes in between the two candidates. The next swing states were crucial to each party winning. Trump somehow won possibly the most important state, Florida, which put him in a good place.img_2531

Trump had pulled ahead substantially and the election was coming to a close. Michigan was Clinton’s last hope. Trump was leading by 0.9% over Clinton in Michigan. If Clinton couldn’t get Michigan, the election was essentially over.Version 2

Trump was a complete underdog in this election, but he won enough electoral votes to take the presidency.  Honestly, no one predicted this win. I read countless predictions, none of which had Trump winning. I could not find any website that put him above a 30% chance of winning. Democrats and Republicans both were left with being shocked. We’ll see how these next four years turn out.Version 2