Feast at the Tree

By Erin Stanley

“The holiday season is upon us, hmmm?”- Ross Geller. Yes, Ross Geller, it is the holiday season. Whether you like Friends or not, you have to admit that the holiday season is exciting for almost everyone. A group at Covenant seems to be getting into the holiday spirit with the upcoming Thanksgiving Feast. The clan of senior boys, dubbed as the “tree group,” due to their religious attendance at a particular tree outside, has invited the entire student body to celebrate Thanksgiving with them at their cherished tree. This is the second year that the group has carefully planned the festive event, and I think they are expecting an even larger turnout than last year’s 40 guests. Senior Jack McNeil, one of the creators of the tree feast, stated, “If it is less than 40 [guests], I will be a little salty. I am hoping that there will be about 50—  that would be ideal.” To accommodate all of the potential guests, the group plans to set up several tables.

McNeil encourages all students and faculty to attend the feast, “because you will have an experience that you will never forget.” McNeil also promises that they will have a traditional Thanksgiving activity that requires guest participation for those who attend. “With it being a Thanksgiving feast and tradition, because that is what we did last year, there is a very high chance that we will go around and everyone will say what they are thankful for.” The second annual Thanksgiving Feast at the tree will be an enjoyable and festive way for the school to unite and prepare for the holiday season. Make sure you attend this feast during lunch on Tuesday, November 22nd and participate in the Covenant community!