Hurricane Coverage

By: Mitch Renbarger and Clay Lewis

Recently there have been a lot of natural disasters occurring towards the western half of the world. Everyone has taken notice of  the hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Jose, but there have still been a lot of other catastrophes taking place like hurricane Katia and the three huge earthquakes that all hit Mexico. Many lives on the east coast are being affected, which everyone has seen and taken action for. There is more than just immediate relief that is going to need to take place, like the billions of dollars of damage from Harvey and Irma. Houston will now be in a rebuilding state that could take more than 10 years for some to fully recover from Harvey.

Florida has accrued less in damages and will probably recover quicker than Houston because they’re used to getting large amounts of water and being hit by hurricanes, but Irma still managed to cause around 50 billion dollars worth of damage. Harvey is estimated to have done around 180 billion dollars worth of damage, which is one of the largest amounts of damage caused by a storm ever. Covenant has already contributed to helping out with Harvey with the canned food drive, which will hopefully go to help out a lot of people without food or houses to stay in. Irma was one of the largest hurricanes of all time with some of the highest wind speeds ever seen in a hurricane.

All of Florida was hit by Irma with the path it decided to take, but Irma was weakened because the Carribean islands took the full force of the category 5 hurricane. It is important for us as Christians and a Christian school to show our love and help the people affected by all of the disasters. At Covenant we are lucky to live in Indianapolis, where natural disasters are much less common and therefore other states should be helping aid our fellow states on the southern side of America.