Less Talking, More Listening

By: Luke Dryer

There is a major epidemic in our country: the political climate in America is scary. I’m not writing this to say the current administration is ruining our country; in fact, I would dare to say the opposite. I’m writing this because there is a serious issue in our country, that both sides need to recognize, and both sides need to work on. All jokes aside, fake news is very real in America. The news media in America is no longer concerned with bringing base truth to the people. News organizations have to bring every story with a certain angle that lifts up their name, and diminishes the validity of the opposing view. News programs in America have become the equivalent of boys having a “roast battle” at the lunch table. News is the latest victim of the “I can do anything better than you” crisis that has swept across our nation, and our generation. This is an issue that has roots far deeper than news or politics, and  that will continue to lead this nation to crumble and divide, unless it is addressed.

In this new age, everything has become a competition. Whether this is good or bad, I will let you decide, although there are certainly some negative side affects of this that I would like to address. The reality of this competitive time, is that everyone, in every avenue, is simply trying to one-up their opponents. We no longer search for truth, we search for being right. This is a very, very dangerous way to live. The results of this mindset can be seen, not only in our current political climate, but in the state of humanity. Racial tensions and church divisions have intensified just to name a few. We are divided in every possible way, and we are not trying to heal divisions, but rather intensify them. Ultimately, if the goal of news media is to present the truth, they are failing miserably. The truth is, facts are no longer being presented. Truly, every story becomes a point in justifying your views, not simply sharing the news. The result of this is that there is no real conversation happening anymore. Nobody really understands what they believe, and even worse, nobody understands what they are really against. This is all the result of a failure to communicate.

In this time, we need to stop trying to prove where we are right, and be open to where we are wrong. In this time, we need to be slow to speak, and quick to listen. Ultimately this issue is far greater than news or politics, this issue is regarding the human condition. We as people, in all areas of life, need to be open to having discussion, rather than having debates. At the least, we would understand what we  really believe, and what we’re really fighting against. Maybe then, tensions would release, and division would fall.