Movie Review

By Nancy Zhang

The Accountant is about a smart man named Christian Wolff with autism who becomes successful by conquering his weakness. He has trouble letting uncompleted tasks go, and, as a boy, he was afraid to fight back when others bullied him because of his disability. His father wanted him to be normal as other kids and fight back when others bully him. Christian’s parents broke up because of the argument on their son’s treatment. So his father raised Christian and started training his son to conquer the weakness by teaching him how to fight. After he grew up, he became a brilliant CPA and dealt with one big criminal case that involved millions of dollars. His math and fighting skills helped him to solve the case really fast. Because Christian’s childhood experience was different than other normal kids’, he was motivated ┬áto donate money and help other disabled kids. Christian proved to society disabled kids can live the same life as normal kids; people shouldn’t discriminate against them because of their inborn disability.thumbnail_24724

I think it is a fantastic movie, and I personally rate the movie 4.5 out of 5. The only defects the movie has are the strong violence and language. The reason I really like the movie is because the movie’s facts connect with our real life. In today’s society, people always isolate vulnerable groups of people. But as a Christian, we know God created everyone equally and we shouldn’t treat disabled people differently than normal people. We should treat everyone the same, because He created everyone with special different advantages, including yourself.

The movie is rated R, so Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.