Netflix Hidden Gems

By: Alexa Hanan

Netflix is something that we are all familiar with. It enables us to fill our weekends with joy-filled, mind numbing binge-watching sessions because of its array of TV show and movie selections. Most people are familiar with the blockbuster shows and movies, but it also has things that are less noticed, but equally enjoyable. I have recently stumbled upon a Netflix gem, Anne With and E,  and would like to share it with the world.

Anne of Green Gables is a very well renowned children’s book  and Netflix has recently created a TV series based on the book. The series is titled Anne With an E, and as of now it only has one season which consists of 8 episodes. It is said to return some time in 2018 for season 2 with 10 more episodes. It follows young Anne Shirley, an outspoken and well-read orphan, as she strives to find her place in the world by overcoming the standards and ideals of those around her while discovering love and family. I highly recommend this show, it’s delightful and lighthearted, while bringing up topics that are very relevant today; such as female independence and acceptance. I guarantee that you will become addicted to this show and its charming characters.