• Healthy Vending Machines: A Review

    By: Morgan Murphy Our old vending machines were ripped away from us, and replaced with food that is apparently “good for our bodies.” Outrage ensued. Gone are the days of Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. Last year’s unhealthy habits would not stand this year, which is some depressing news for the student body. However, after our […]

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  • Stacy Says

    Dear Stacy,   How are you today? I am fine. Not really though. Today was a horrific day. In the middle of second period, I felt a slight tickle in my nose. Immediately, I knew what was coming. I tried to hold my breath, but it did not keep me from the sneeze that was […]

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  • Spirit Week 2016 – Review

    Nathan Hood- 26 Sept 2016 Fall Spirit Week 2016 was unlike any other Spirit Week Covenant has ever seen. The themes themselves were pretty basic when it comes to a homecoming week, but the hype was palpable regardless. Let’s break it down from a fundamental standpoint: Monday was ‘Murica Day. Hard to go wrong dressing […]

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  • Edna Collins Bridge

    Trey Stanley— 23 Sept 2016            Everyone loves a good ghost story. Especially when you live where one of these stories occurred. That being said, nobody likes experiencing ghost stories or having unexplained things happen to them. Our story begins at a red covered bridge that is now known as the […]

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  • Mousetrapped

    By Erin Stanley This past weekend, Covenant Theatre dove into a show that differed from the past Disney shows, like Beauty and the Beast or Mary Poppins, or the lighthearted The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Covenant Theatre performed the intense show of The Mousetrap. When snowed up in a new boarding house, The Ralstons and […]

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  • Spirit Week: The Final Frontier

    Jack McNeil Covenant is closing in on the best week in the entire year, Spirit Week. The first of two Spirit Weeks is right around the corner (Sept.12-16). The reason that these weeks are so great is that, first, you get to dress up every day to show your school spirit. Second, you get to […]

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  • Powderpuff 2016: Tradition Changed. Outrage Ensues.

    Nathan Hood- 9 Sept 2016 Powderpuff. The culmination of school spirit. The pinnacle of purpose. The apex of excitement. On this one day, Covenant Christian High School’s student body gets to celebrate in the most glorious, most noble, most magnificent showcase of girls flag football this side of 465. The themes for Spirit Week are […]

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  • The Wildmen

    By: Nathan Hood As most of the Covenant community knows, Mr. Tyler Wildman and Mrs. Shannon Wildman were married this past Summer. The anticipation of the wedding was infectious, and the excitement was palpable. Many of the students and faculty knew that the two young, language teachers were an item during the 2015-2016. However, after […]

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  • Pokemon Go

    Jack McNeil   Have you ever wanted to go on one of the biggest scavenger hunts of all time? Well, since this summer you have had that opportunity with the ever so popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is the newest installment of the famous series of Pokemon. Pokemon Go, however, put a new […]