Peyton, A Profile

By: Clayton Lewis

This past Friday, I had the privilege of interviewing Covenant Senior Peyton Broce. For those of you that don’t know, this is Peyton’s first year here at Covenant, having transferred from a school all the way in Toledo, Ohio. Intrigued by this, I asked Peyton about her school experiences from back in Toledo. Based on what she told me, it doesn’t seem like Peyton’s previous school is all that different from our own in some ways. “The school I transferred from in Toledo was public and was relatively small. It’s student body was actually pretty close to the size of Covenant’s.” After hearing this, I asked more questions about her experiences back in Ohio. “On average I would have somewhere around six hours of homework every night, which for an athlete is nearly impossible to deal with. Not to mention that the athletics community was extremely competitive.” Just talking about the standards of the school in Toledo seemed to release an aura of stress that surrounded both myself and especially Peyton, so when I asked her how she felt about the community and workload here at Covenant she seemed much more relaxed, saying: “I’m loving it here. The homework load isn’t too bad and so far, the people have been great, so I’m definitely enjoying myself here.” After hearing about the stressful environment of school in Toledo it was nice to see Peyton in a happy, relaxed state if mind.

For those that are unaware, Peyton has also qualified for the state finals for Covenant’s girls’ golf team, the first Covenant golfer to do so in our school’s history. When I asked Peyton about her experience playing in the state finals, she assured me “it wasn’t my best performance ever.” Now, I had heard that apparently Peyton’s father was a pro-golfer, so I was very curious to learn if this was true and if so how it affected her golf career and experience. Peyton did confirm that her father, Jamie Broce, is a pro golfer and had taught herself and her brother the ins-and-outs of the game of golf. “Sometimes he can be a little demanding, but overall it’s nice to have my dad working so closely with my brother and I to improve our game.” Now that I knew that Peyton was a pretty experienced golfer and that the athletic community at her last school was pretty competitive, I was curious to know if she had ever qualified for the state finals anytime prior to this year. “Yes I have. Actually, my entire team from my last school in Toledo had qualified for the state finals at one point.” Naturally, in response to this I was both shocked and impressed. Following this question my interview was largely over, so Peyton and I went our separate ways.

If you haven’t met her already, I’d highly encourage you go and say hello to Peyton Broce, at the very least. She is both one of the few as well as one of the nicest individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing.