Senior Art Show

By: Alexa Hanan

This past Friday, seniors Seth Franks, Annie Shields, Emma Foust, Jurena Howard, Bobbi-Jo Snyder, and I all displayed our works in the art show. The Senior Art Show is an event where the current seniors can display their work and allow their peers to get a deeper insight into who they are and what they have to say. Art and being able to display their art impacts them all differently.  

I gained an understanding of the artists’ perspectives by asking what art means to them and how it has personally impacted them. Many of them described art as a hobby and a stress reliever. Emma Foust described art as being “a good hobby, it can be relaxing and rewarding.” Bobbi-Jo Snyder says that “whenever I’m not feeling well, I go to art to help me.” Seth Franks describes art as “a stress reliever” and that it has “helped me through some tough times.” Art is a great way to release whatever is going on in your life through expressive lines, shapes and colors.

Along with using it to relieve stress, many of the artists use it as a way of communication. Most of the artists described themselves as being quiet and needing art in order to say what they usually wouldn’t or couldn’t. Bobbi-Jo Snyder said “I’m more of an introverted person, believe it or not, and art is such a great way for me to express how I feel.” Jurena Howard explains art as “an outlet of expression and communication for me. Often, there are times when I don’t speak because I simply can’t find the words. When I make art, I can share my emotions with people instead of trying to explain to them how I feel. Personally, showing something to someone is a lot easier than telling them about it.” I feel the same way, expressing your thoughts, ideas, and emotions through art can be much easier than searching for the words to describe them and it can often be much more impactful.

Many of the artists explained how art brings them closer to God and serves as a revelation of His beauty and wonder. This especially resonated with Annie Shields. She said, “it allows me to grow in my faith by finding God’s beauty in the subjects of my art— whether the subject is physical or an idea.”  Bobbi-Jo Snyder expressed how “God has impacted me and my life so much and for him to give me the gift of drawing and painting is amazing.” Art can be a wholly revelatory experience, it allows us to learn and grow while enabling us to express this to others.

As well as art, the art show itself means something different to each artist. To Emma Foust, the art show is “very flattering, and having one’s work in any sort of show means that that practice has paid off.” Bobbi-Jo Snyder refers to the art show by saying, “I think that my art being displayed in the art show is amazing. For people to come and observe my art, and for them to wonder why and how I did it is a great feeling. I loved to see everyone’s reactions when they viewed my pieces. Many people were surprised that I did art because I don’t really tell them. I’ve been taking art classes at Covenant since my freshman year and it’s great to know that all of my hard work I’ve done paid  off, and that some of my art was represented in the show. It’s great that I can represent Covenant in such a great way to show what we have to offer.” Annie Shields says that, “Usually I hate other people seeing my art. It makes me uncomfortable, but after my first art show, I learned that it’s not so bad. I got to hear people’s interpretations of my art and watch them enjoy it. It made me feel pretty good.” Jurena Howard says that “I was really excited for the senior art show because I wanted to see what my peers thought of what I produced. Ink has always been a medium that I’ve wanted to try out and it made me happy to see the reaction my first ink project got. Being directly involved in an art show has never really an expectation for me, but after Friday, I can’t wait for the next one. I really hope to improve my skills so that the audience can have even nicer artwork to look at next time.” The art show was a very unique experience for me, it was a mixture of nerves and excitement. I love creating but often get nervous when showing my art because it is so personal, it is basically the equivalent of allowing people to read your diary. I ended up really enjoying the show and find myself to be anticipating the next one.

Art means something unique to each artist, but those meanings also connect.  This says a lot about art because, while it says something to all of us which resonates uniquely, it also has the power to carry a theme and connect.  Because of this, we should continue to engage with art, the art show gave attendees a glimpse of this while allowing the artists to become acquainted with displaying their art in a formal setting.