Soccer Field Mayhem

By: Luke Dryer

Fall is beginning, and with this comes another season of Warrior athletics. All Fall sports are in full swing, and enjoying as much success as ever. However, amidst all the excitement of these victorious times, the most interesting sports news has not taken place on the field (well, unless you’re talking about the soccer field). Thanks to a recent event, I am able to write a sports article that ultimately has little to do with the actual sports at all. Even if sports are not something you enjoy, and even if you’ve heard this strange story many times, I believe the following will give a new perspective to the strange event that happened related to CCHS athletics.

Just a few weeks ago, an unknown delinquent thought up the idea to spray-paint some lewd images on the soccer field. Unfortunately, this went from an immature idea to a shocking reality. One morning several woke up to the horrific sight of several obscene images painted on the middle of the field. This left many wondering the classic questions “who?” and “why?” To this day we are still seeking the mastermind behind this vandalization of our fields, but also dealing with the consequences.

Now we likely can’t help but giggle at this childish prank. I don’t believe many are denying that this is simply a funny story, but to get a better perspective of this, I decided to ask some of the soccer players here, who are most directly affected. When asked about how she feels regarding the incident, Senior soccer player Christine Martin responded by saying: “It’s funny, definitely a little weird. Especially because it’s right in the middle of the field, where the game starts and where I play most of the game.” For those that don’t know, the red spray paint is not as visible anymore, as the landscaping crew has used green paint to attempt to cover the spots. However, the grass will ultimately likely die in those spots, and hurt the field to some degree. This is where Christine added, “Thankfully grass grows back!” Surprisingly, when asking Christine and other players if opposing teams have made many comments about the spots, the common response is that, thankfully, nobody has really brought it up.

However, not everyone has such a lighthearted response to this event. Senior soccer player JP David said, “I am very surprised that someone would have the audacity to vandalise the soccer field. Covenant is blessed to have Mr. Gossel to take such professional care of the field and put his pride, time, and heart into making it the masterpiece that it is today.”  JP goes on to say, “What people don’t understand is that the soccer field isn’t just a perfect piece of land to play on, it is also a story book that contains all of our victories, our successes, our growth, our camaraderie, and it holds all the memories we made on that field.”

Again, while this story is certainly one that cannot help but bring some laughter, there is a serious message that must be addressed in light of this. Even though whoever vandalized the field remains unknown, and may not even attend this school, there is a lesson that all of us can learn in this. As both Christine and JP mentioned, this field is worked on very rigorously by Mr. Gossel. He works hard to ensure a great playing field is provided, which not only gives our soccer team a good place to play, but gives CCHS a good name. As JP touched on, this field represents more than just where the soccer teams play. I believe as a generation, we’ve begun to think less and do more. Why this is the case is another article for another time, but the reality needs to be addressed now. We must think more before our actions, we must consider how what we do affects others. This is a lesson not only to avoid incidents like this one, but to encourage us to always live with a mindset that focuses on things outside of ourselves.