Student Section

By: Jack McNeil

The student section is one of the best ways for CCHS students to get involved in sports without having to exert much physical activity besides yelling. The student section is usually in full force during football, basketball, and volleyball games. Covenant has had a very good student section that is very loud and has helped our sports teams to successes throughout  the years.  Now with basketball approaching, which in Indiana is almost like church, the expectations for the student section go up for everyone. This year Covenant’s student section is no exception. The football team went undefeated and the volleyball team went to state, and there is no doubt that the Covenant student section had a big part in these successes. Now with both girls and boys basketball seasons underway, this is where the Covenant student section will start to set up shop. Drew Shriner, a co-leader of the student section, said that “I think that if the students can really get behind them [the basketball teams], then we may be able to scream them into a state championship.”

Not everything about the student section this year is kicks and giggles though. This year the student section has a strong core group of seniors, juniors, and sophomores who lead the student section in chants and cheers. However, there was one class that was not mentioned in this list of this core group, the freshmen.

The freshmen have barely participated in the student section this year. Drew Shriner also added, “They [the freshmen] have given about what I expected. I hope they will really step it up in the months to come, through.” The crazy thing about the lack of cheering coming from the freshmen is that they are still in attendance. The freshman are as good at attending the games as anyone else, in pictures taken of the student section there is evidence of freshmen at the games however they are not even cheering in the pictures. However, when they are called on to cheer there seems to be nothing coming from them. If they can just find the will to cheer, then they will fully exceed expectations.

Will Trapp, one of the few freshmen that cheers at the games, said, “I am not sure exactly what causes the slight lack of cheering from the freshmen. I believe it could come from the newness of supporting Covenant or embarrassment due to being made fun of for being “just freshman.”” Hopefully that gets worked out for basketball season. A fellow freshman Sam Fulbright said, “I don’t know why the freshmen do not cheer.  I think it is because they aren’t interested they just go because it is happening.” The freshman go because it is happening; however, they do not cheer. This also brings out the question of whether people do not have school spirit; or whether  the student section is just not their cup of tea.

When asked on his input on the situation Matthew Herr, a senior who does not participate in the student section regularly, said, “I fully support our athletic teams, but the student section environment is not how I would enjoy to spend my evenings.” Then when asked what he did not like about the environment, Matthew added, “Well, I normally do not enjoy screaming.” The idea that Matthew has pointed out is that student section is just for some people and others are turned off by it. If you enjoy yelling and going crazy then the student section is a right fit for you. If you prefer a more hostile environment like your quiet home, then maybe the student section is something you should pass on. The problem with the lack of cheering from the freshmen might be caused simply by the fact that the freshman class is made up of more people who are more laid back. Hopefully the few that enjoy the crazy environment are able to keep covenant tradition of strong student sections going for years to come.