Syrian War

By: Mitch Renbarger

Syria is a country across the globe in the middle-east near Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, all of which don’t always come to mind as peaceful when thought of. If you didn’t know, Syria has been dealing with a large civil war in their country, dating back to March 15th, 2011. The civilians (rebels) have been fighting the tyrannical government run by Bashar al-Assad. Many people in the western side of the world have forgotten about this war and it has been blown over, even though it is still an ongoing war for democratic rights of the people of Syria. This war was a big deal when it first started, but it seems to not be given much thought anymore due to time and other stories that have taken over since. Is it wrong for us as Americans to not help them fight for their rights? America has always valued  stopping communism and deleting oppression, but do we still value it?

As a Christians and Americans, you would think that people fighting for freedom of religion would be something we support, but America has given little aid and funding to the Syrian rebels and as Christians we do little to nothing for these people. Documentaries like “The Boy Who Started The Syrian War” show the sadness of these people fighting for freedom of religion dying at young ages. Kids in Syria have little education and kids often grow up to go into the war and rebel at about the same age as we go into high school. The majority of people in Syria are Islamic and in the videos that I’ve seen, rebels are often chanting “Allahu Akbar” which translates to “God is greater.” I find it sad to see that all of these people are fighting for something great, but they fight in false faith and kids are dying at young ages, while believing in something that they’ve grown up to understand as truth. Maybe if America and Christians fought for their rights, it would give Christianity a possibility to flourish in Syria. It would be difficult to help the Syrian rebels fight for their freedom, but Christians should be attempting to create disciples especially in the hard to reach places. America has gotten into wars in the middle-east and it hasn’t had great results in the past, but without attempting to help, there is that much smaller of an opportunity for Syrians to have their freedoms. Hopefully the war comes to an end and the people of Syria come to peace or overtake their government, but the 6 year war shows no signs of ending at this point.