Teacher Question: What’s the Dumbest Thing You Did in High School?

Q: What’s the dumbest thing you did in high school?


Mr. Wildman

A: My parents were very strict, so much so that they had a curfew for me in high school. One night coming home I was gonna end up being late for curfew, so I decided to speed on the highway; in the end I ended up going around 105 mph in a 55. It didn’t take very long? for me to get pulled over and, as a result, I didn’t get home until after my curfew. Ironically, I would have gotten home earlier had I just gone normal speeds rather than going at extremely high speeds.


Mike Fightmaster

A: One night myself and the rest of the juniors on my high school football team climbed onto the roof of the school. Once we all got onto the roof, we spray painted all of our names there.


Mr. Tripple

A: A few of my friends and I had snuck into a classroom after hours. After we were in there for a while, an administrator came walking down the hall and found us in the classroom. Immediately after finding us in there she asked, “What are you boys doing in here after school hours?” to which I responded, “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” For those that are unaware that quote is a Star Wars reference.


Donnie Fishburn

A: During my senior year, my friends and I went to one of our teacher’s neighborhood and had planned to replicate the flaming bag of poop prank from Billy Madison. When we got to the neighborhood we immediately went into the public restroom to obtain the feces necessary to the prank. Funny enough I was the one singled out to poop in the paper bag. Once we left the restrooms, we ran into the neighborhood cop, suspicious of what we were doing that evening. He asked us where we were planning on doing that night. Trying our best not to get in trouble, we told him that we were going to visit our teacher. Shortly after this, he called our teacher to verify that he knew us, and luckily for us our teacher just had us come and visit for the night. So we ended up just leaving a paper bag full of poop in a public restroom in the middle of the neighborhood.