“The Flash” and His Flashin’ Tennis Skills

By: Luke Roberts

Here at Covenant, many students are eager for an upcoming season so they can play the sport they enjoy. Not only are these sports fun to watch and engage with, but the stories behind the athletes are very compelling and interesting. One such warrior athlete goes by the title of “The Flash.” You may know this man who has walked these hallways for 4 years now and has been a tennis stud ever since he joined his junior year. Even I myself consider him a good friend. His name (as you might have guessed) is Nate Flasher, and I recently interviewed him to receive some more information about his overall experience as part of the Covenant Varsity Tennis Team.

The first question I opened up to Flasher was simple enough: Why do you like tennis? “I love the sport because I like the feeling of when you hit the ball perfectly over the net, as well as the sport being a team game where everyone supports one another on and off the court.” It comes as no surprise that tennis is his favorite sport, even though he has only been playing for 2 ½ years. Nate has played many other sports, including basketball, swimming, and golf, but it was soon realized that he had a talent for tennis. “Because of the growth of the sport between my sophomore and junior year, I thought that joining the tennis team at Covenant would be exciting and a new experience. Also, I heard that people on the tennis team during my sophomore year had lots of fun, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the decision.”

Regardless of the sport, commitment was something that Flasher took into consideration when looking over his school load and other activities. When asked the question of how difficult it is for the sport to be part of his busy schedule, Nate told me that “it’s time consuming for sure. The sport at times can make my life a little bit stressful as I have to find a way to incorporate school, work, tennis, and friends in my life. But in the end, there is no doubt that it is worth it.” Flasher also reflected on some of his favorite memories of his tennis career, including “winning sectionals last year.” Overall, Flasher believed that “every day with the team is a new story. I love the fun we have as a team each moment during practices or games.”

The most important question I saved until the end of the interview: How has tennis grown you as a person? Nate answered with an honest evaluation of himself that was very optimistic about the sport. “I have made wonderful new friends for the last two years on the team, and ever since I have been playing tennis, I have only improved. In the future, I will continue to play the sport and depending if there is time and an opportunity arises, I will play tennis in college.” Whether you see Flasher hitting tennis balls during practice or competing against a tough opponent, the sport is very important to him not only as an extracurricular activity, but something that has grown him as an individual.