Trey Stanley’s Volleyball Game Experience

If you know me, you know that I am not a person who likes social or sporting events. You might be asking yourself, “Hmmmm did Trey go to the Volleyball State Championship?” I can darn well answer that question. Well, actually, probably nobody was asking that question. Either way, yes, I went to the Volleyball State Championship. And guess what, I actually enjoyed myself. Crazy, right? I just recently started attending volleyball games, but it wasn’t until the semi-state game that I actually participated in the student section. When I arrived early at the state game against the Wapahani Raiders on Saturday last, hardly anyone was in the student section. But as time went by, more and more students started showing up. It was a packed student section, so much so that I was having to stand sideways in order to allow everyone to fit in the row. It was an intense, aggressive student section.

In the first set, the Raiders started off with a lead of 7-2. Luckily for the Warriors, we came out strong at the end of the first set and won with a score of 25-22. This obviously made the student section go absolutely nuts, to the point where people were getting nauseated from screaming so loud. So nauseated to the point where my cousin Landon kept having to lean over and heave. That led to me feeling nauseous. To our disadvantage, the Raiders prevailed in the second set with a score of 25-17. This did not diminish our confidence and cheering, but rather it actually resulted in making our cheers louder and everyone more excited to the point where the coach for the Raiders got upset with us. We heard him say in a sarcastic tone, “You all could show some sportsmanship but whatever!” He gave us a pretty dirty look.

Landon Wall,  junior at CCHS, started doing research on every player on the Wapahani Raiders a week prior to the game. He researched their names and their boyfriends’ names, and came up with cheers about them and their boyfriends to try to get in their heads and distract them. “I’m not doing any homework this week, I’m dedicating it to researching this team. All I care about is State,” Wall said. Of course, the chants about the players’ names and their boyfriends made the coach upset, rightfully so. Throughout the game, a different player on the raider’s got a volleyball to the face four separate times. This resulted in the players falling to the floor. If I had to pick my favorite part of the game, it would most definitely be that. Although I had fun at the game, I was relieved when it was over. Being packed in with loud, sweaty people is not my idea of a great time. This game, I decided to make the most of it and participate, which helped me enjoy myself. I am very glad I attended this momentous event in Covenant history.