Dare to Dream Awards 2019

Please join us in congratulating the following Wayne Township Dare to Dream awardees:

Nate Sloan (’20) – Dream Chaser Award 

This is a student who sets long-term goals for themselves and works toward achieving them. She works with teachers to create a plan for their future.

Tom Nelson (’19) – Daredevil Award

This is a student who shows that they are not afraid to take risks and go out of their comfort zone. He shows courage when taking on new challenges.

Mrs. Tammy Overpeck –  Educator Award

This is a teacher who recognizes creation of instructional opportunities for students that stretch their learning. She has high expectations for student outcomes and works to help students achieve their goals.

Mrs. Sue Stern – Advocate Award

This is an employee who takes the time to build relationships with and advocates for the needs of students with disabilities.  She goes above and beyond to ensure that the student is part of the building community.