Annual Pizza Fundraiser

Covenant Fine Arts is conducting their Annual Pizza Fundraiser January 21-27! This event benefits art, band, choir, dance, orchestra, and theatre programs. The proceeds from this fundraiser will assist the Fine Arts Department with funds for supplies, show licensing, music, repairs, trips, etc. This is the only Fine Arts fundraiser for the year.

Help each Fine Arts student meet their goal of selling ten pizzas each by purchasing a pizza or making a donation! Pizzas will be ready just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Online orders begin January 21 at

Include the name of the student you wish to benefit from your purchase on the order or donation form under “Fine Arts Student”.

All online orders are paid via credit card at the time the order is placed.

Orders must be placed by Tuesday, January 28. **If you are having trouble or need assistance ordering online, please contact and we will provide help in placing the online order.

If you are interested in volunteering  for pizza-making day, parent help is needed in the following areas:

  • set-up on Friday, January 31
  • pizza-making day on Saturday, February 1
  • cleanup on Saturday, February 1

Sign up to volunteer here!  Work Study families should sign up on the form AND request the job at under Krista Shields: Fine Arts Pizza Fundraiser. (Fine Arts students may not count their mandatory 3 hour shift for Work Study, but may count any hours served above their shift.)

Fine Arts students will pick up their pizza orders on Saturday, February 1, to deliver to patrons.

Thank you for supporting the Arts at Covenant!

Fine Arts Students: Pizza Day Schedule

Friday, Jan. 31 Saturday, Feb. 1
Prep Shift: 


Morning Shift: 


Afternoon Shift: 


Tear Down Shift: 


*Theatre Cast & Crew (91) Chamber (33)  Intro to 3-D Art, Period 3 (19)  Intro to 3-D Art, Period 5 (18)
Concert Choir (33) 2D Art (14) Dance (4) Orchestra (22)
3D Art Period 2 (4) Band (31) AP Studio Art (5)
  Intro to 3-D Art, Period 8 (17) Treble (19)  Theatre Arts (9)

*Theatre Cast/Crew will put together boxes beginning at 3:15pm before their rehearsal at 4pm. Students in theatre will be expected to participate on Saturday in another class time slot if they are in both Theatre and a Fine Arts class. If your student is in both Concert Choir and Theatre, they should participate in Theatre rehearsal on Friday and sign up for a time slot of their choice on Saturday.