This year J-Term is in May!

May Term

“The solution which I am urging, is to eradicate the fatal disconnection of subjects which kills the vitality of our modern curriculum. There is only one subject-matter for education, and that is Life in all its manifestations.”

–A.N. Whitehead

May Term is taking the place of January Term, an annual two-week experience that offers students unique educational opportunities through classes, internships, and trips that include:

  • Reflections on faith and learning
  • Aesthetic or kinesthetic learning
  • Application of academic principles
  • Student collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary exploration
  • Creative problem solving
  • Contemplative and specialized study

Our May Term is designed to create a long-term love for learning by helping students make contact with the intrinsic value of knowledge. May Term exists at Covenant to combat the pervading utilitarian view of education that dampens the spirit of discovery. Through specialized interdisciplinary classes, students will encounter the beautiful interconnectedness of ideas, facts, and theories. For many, May term becomes a way of discovering passions that awaken other areas of scholarship and life.

Due to COVID restrictions this year, J-Term trips will not be available during May Term. Our J-Term trips are a vital part of our vision for students. By encountering other cultures and having experiences beyond the classroom student interest in learning becomes more real. Likewise, our internship program is designed to connect student learning with professional interests.

Photo: Grand Canyon Trip from J-Term 2020

Photo: Coffee 101 Class from J-Term 2020

Photo: Senior Internship from J-Term 2020

Photo: Welding Class from J-Term 2020

May Term Courses

May Term Schedule
8:30—8:40 Daily Devotion in Commons
8:45—11:45 Morning Classes (includes 1—2 breaks)
11:50—3:30 Afternoon Classes (includes 1—2 breaks)
11:50—12:25 Lunch A
12:50—1:25 Lunch B
3:30 Dismissal
Internship Purpose

May Term Internships

May term is a great opportunity for students to experience different vocational settings and to explore areas where they may feel called before making decisions about colleges and training. Students are also given the chance to represent Covenant Christian High School in the larger community. Our desire is that each of our upperclassmen would take full advantage of this great opportunity. Students are encouraged to dream big and pursue internships anywhere in the country.