Dear Covenant Community,

For the past several days, we have been in regular contact with personnel from the Indiana Non-Public Educators Association and the Marion County Health Department regarding the reopening of our campus for the fall semester. As a result of those discussions, we are pleased to announce that we have been granted permission for a full, in-person reopening for this semester

In order to both honor the mayor’s directive to delay the reopening of Marion County schools until August 5 and to adhere to our normal fall semester rhythm, our first day of classes will be next Thursday, August 6
Because of the freshness of the change to our start date, we are still working on its implications for the rest of the fall semester calendar. We will update you on any related changes as soon as we are able. 
Information on orientation days for new students, whether freshmen or upperclassmen, will be emailed to you by our Dean of Students, Mr. Fishburn. Please check your email today and tomorrow for those instructions. 
As we approach the start of the semester, please also review our reopening plan. In it, you will find very important information that is meant to help our community operate as safely and as freely as possible. We appreciate your support in that regard.
Some of our daily procedures and scheduling might look a little different during this time, but we are overjoyed at the opportunity to all be back together once more. 
Thank you, as always, for your faithfulness to the Lord, to the Word, to your family, and to this place.
For the Kingdom,
Andy Goodwin, Ed.D.
Principal & CEO