Domestic New Student Enrollment

  1. Enroll Online
    • Go to and complete the checklist using the same login credentials you created during the application process. Through this process you will provide critical medical and emergency contact information, covenant with the school regarding academic and behavioral standards, provide permission for certain student activities, and create a financial agreement. This must be done by April 1st to secure your seat.
  2. Sign Up for the Placement Test
    • Placement tests will not be administered this year due to continuing health concerns. Please complete this form to help us determine Math and English placement for your student as well as to provide some other helpful information prior to scheduling classes. This document will explain the placement process consideration.
  3. Register for Classes
    • Sign up for an appointment with the Academic Advising Department to register for classes with Beth Herr (primarily freshmen) or Andi Shriner (primarily Sophomore, Junior and Senior transfers). There are 30-minute time slots available. Plan for a parent and the student to attend. Many classes for the freshman year are predetermined. The remaining classes offer students the opportunity to choose.
  4. Attend a New Parent Orientation
    • New Parent Orientation is scheduled for July 21 at 7pm. We invite you to attend one of these informational sessions designed to prepare new families for their first year at Covenant.
  5. Send Your Student to New Student Orientation
    • All new students are required to attend New Student Orientation on July 29 from 9am-Noon. Students should bring their computing device to be configured on our network and they will receive their schedules and locker assignments at this time.