Excellence in today’s world of education requires the student to be immersed in technology. Every student at Covenant has the opportunity to learn how to function effectively, efficiently and intelligently within that ever-changing technological society.

From fundamentals and research to creating and designing, we realize that technology is not only a powerful tool for knowledge, but an art that is to be appreciated as well.



Canvas is Covenant’s Learning Management System (LMS). It is the school’s curricular hub. It is where students obtain homework, participate in discussion groups, take quizzes/tests, turn in projects and participate in group activities. In addition, grades are entered and tracked here.

To start, use the current username and password created for use in the NetCommunity. Please note, if a NetCommunity password changes the Canvas password will not change. Currently, a request for a password change in Canvas must be emailed to Brad Spencer (

Below is a link to the Covenant created parent user guide. We hope this gets you up and running in no time!

Parent Canvas Usage Guide