Hannah More Scholarships

These four-year scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen who have matriculated from the Oaks Academy. To apply, students will read a biography about Hannah More and write a 500-word essay on her life.

Multiple essay contest winners will be selected by our Scholarship committee.

All Hannah More scholarships are renewable for four years, provided students maintain at least a 3.0 GPA each semester at Covenant, and submit an annual 500-word essay on an assigned historical role model.

Hannah More Scholarship Awards are renewable, and will range from $1,000 to $8,000 annually. 

Applications are due by March 15th and can be completed by filling out the form below.

About Hannah More

When William Wilberforce campaigned against slavery in the British Empire, Hannah More was the influential journalist at his side. She had been a successful playwright and friend to elite literary figures of England. Converted to Christ through the ministry of former slave-trader John Newton, she started writing popular pamphlets and stories calling for an end to British slavery and cultural renewal of British society. She is credited by one biographer for a key pamphlet, Village Politics, that saved England from the bloody and unsuccessful French Revolution.

She and her sisters also launched an extensive ministry to the poor in a rural part of England, with the support of Wilberforce and his friends. It started as an all-day Sunday School and grew into several schools and discipleship work that would seem like rescue mission work today.

She is a role model for offering her talents and gifts to a nation afflicted by drunkenness, the slave trade, gambling addiction, poverty and broken families. Her mind was enlightened by the Bible. Her heart was inflamed by a passion for England’s, Jeremiah 29:7 (Seek the welfare of the land). She sought transformation for England at a turning point in western history.

To apply for this scholarship, please read about Hannah More and write a 500-word essay on her life. The best recent biography is Fierce Convictions, by Karen Swallow Prior. A shorter story of her life is in 7 Women by Eric Metaxas.



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