Covenant’s Philosophy of Education

A Covenant education begins with appreciation and accountability and concludes with a cohesive and comprehensive worldview. Mathematics, science, art, and the humanities are viewed as a single study of God and his creation. Through this unified vision, students connect with and communicate deeper understandings of reality. 

In contrast to the ideas that so often dominate the current educational landscape (skepticism, utility, and subjective value), in this model students discover the intrinsic value of learning through the connectedness of ideas. They are invited to participate in a community where thinking, creating, and moral action are meaningful responses to life.

Life’s Universal Questions

Students pursue a wise and healthy view of reality through “Life’s Universal Questions” (see below). They consider life’s varied experiences, including faith, the arts, human longing, community, suffering, and the natural world as converging on the reality of a loving and Triune God. In a world often characterized by isolation and confusion, Covenant provides a loving space for students to discover how they may be called to serve others in love.  


  • Knowledge: What is my experience?
  • Purpose: Why do I exist?
  • Identity: Who am I?


  • Society: To whom do I belong? What is my responsibility to my others?
  • Creation: What is the nature of the universe?
  • History: What is the significance of human history


  • Beauty: What is the meaning of beauty?
  • Goodness: What is a good life? How do we understand and respond to evil?
  • Truth: What (and how) do we know?


  • Origins: Where do we come from?
  • Destiny: Where are we going?
  • God: Is there a God? What is he like?

The Covenant 100

The Covenant 100 is a collection of books and art recognized for having special significance in worldview and spiritual formation within a orthodox Christian tradition. Each of these works transcend time and denomination, stretch the imagination, and generously cultivate a deep sense of reality through faith. These resources are identified for student research and serve our entire community (parents, alumni, friends) for life-long learning.  

The list is a reflection of Covenant’s unique ethos and heritage as a distinctly evangelical, academic institution that honors the richness of authentic Christian thought throughout the centuries and across cultural lines. The list is organized around Covenant’s “Life’s 15 Universal Questions” demonstrating the singular, comprehensive, and cohesive impact of biblical truth on human life in contrast to the inadequacy of other worldviews. This approach is offered within the core evangelical conviction that Scripture is “the supreme authority … for knowledge of God and as a guide to Christian living.”

Within the collection there are three designations:

  • CLASSIC (20)demands universal engagement
  • ESSENTIAL (40)highly illuminating on Christian thought and practice
  • ANCILLARY (40)uniquely carries forward a faith-strengthening dialogue

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