What our graduates are saying…

Covenant taught me that anything can be a spiritual pursuit if you have the right worldview. Education, sports, poetry, family, everything is an opportunity to worship God, and to dive deeper into His truth, beauty, and goodness

Shauna Fulbright (Sartoris), (2016)

It lived up to its mantra and helped me build critical thinking skills that I still use today. It was academically rigorous, but it’s trademark differentiator was that it focused on the full development of the activated mind. My Covenant experience served to solidify my faith and has contributed to every success I’ve experienced since.

Adam Aukerman, 2001
“Having teachers who were passionate about their content made learning exciting and meaningful, and having genuine, caring relationships with adult mentors at school helped me be resilient and successful. I now strive to create that same meaningful connection with my own students.”

Kirsty Hills, 2009