Covenant: We covenant with families for the relational Christian influence of their high schoolers in biblical grounding, spiritual formation, and college preparatory academics, fine arts, athletics, and clubs.

Christian: Our staff and faculty are fully committed to the Lord, to the Word, to the local church, to Christian community, to their areas of expertise as permeated by the Word and Christian thought, and to exemplifying minds enlightened, hearts inflamed, and lives transformed.

High School: Our college preparatory educational context is designed for students to discover and engage all truth as God’s truth through a biblical Christian lens, as well as to understand and fairly engage worldviews and viewpoints opposite of their own.

To provide an excellent, Christ-centered education for a life of scholarship, leadership, and service.

Excellent is what we do, not just something that we pursue. We view it as  a good and right response to the finished work of Christ. The word excellent in Scripture appears in Genesis meaning “in harmony with God” and in Titus meaning “made for its purpose” and “to be assigned to its highest rank.” Responding to Christ in excellence means working out of obedience to and in harmony with God through the good work of spiritual, mental, and relational formation.

Christ-centered means that everything truth, every relationship, begins with and emanates from the person of Jesus Christ, as revealed in both Special and General Revelation, which in turn permeates all subjects and activities at Covenant. It also means that education should not be student-centered (i.e., students as drivers)  nor student-centric (i.e., students as the standard). Because we love our students out of our love for and obedience to Jesus, we lovingly disciple them toward a more mature engagement of the world than being the center of everything.

life of scholarship, leadership, and service means that we provide our students with opportunities to learn, lead, and serve and expect that they engage them during their high school career, rather than solely preparing them for that pursuit without it being exemplified and necessary for them during their formative high school years.  This is all led and framed by a biblical Christian worldview.

Minds enlightened, hearts inflamed, lives transformed   (Romans 12:2)

Transformation is something that happens to us as a result of our commitment to being proximate and obedient to Jesus and to interacting with and producing what is excellent and what is being done excellently. This pursuit is most evidently realized in a student’s life by their demonstration of a joyful, consistent, full obedience to Jesus and to the work of the Holy Spirit, as illustrated in Romans 12. In doing so, we invite our students into an immersive learning environment in which Christian worldview is both the overarching object and medium of instruction.

To be a model for 21st-century education  (I Thessalonians 4:11-12)

We are interested in education being done well, period. Where we are excellent, we look for opportunities to share it. Where others shine, we see an opportunity to learn. Education should not be a zero-sum game of exclusive, proprietary, hyper-localized gain to the detriment or suppression of others’ excellence. Broadly speaking, education should be about the business of a flourishing society through the enlightening of minds, the inflaming of hearts, and the transformation of lives. We see that happening best by the advancement of the Kingdom through the immersive learning of a Christ-centered education.

Truth (2 Timothy 3:12-17)Revealed by God through Christ, Scripture, and Creation and received by faith for salvation and for the renewing of minds and the transformation of lives.

Relationships (Phillipians 2:5-18)The pursuit of knowing and loving one another with respect, dignity & accountability out of our obedience and love for Christ.

Engagement (Matthew 5:1-16).  A transparent intentionality and charitable dialogue with our world and culture through scholarship, leadership, and service.